Five young people enter the adrenaline challenge because of their skills, and this is the beginning of friendship between them, regardless of whether the adrenaline challenge was designed by a big and powerful mafia and they create unpredictable adventures. Each of these young people has participated in this challenge with special skills. Mustafa Zamani in the role of Navid has a special skill in motorcycling, Sara Bahrami plays the role of Raha in parkour, Sara Bahrami has a deaf and dumb child, Hoda Zeinolabedin in the role of Giso is a girl who loves thrills and dangerous experiences, works in the field of Afrod. Pouria Rahimi Sam plays the role of Kazi (Kazem) has a special skill in holding his breath in water. Banipal Schumon plays Daniel, Daniel is a boxer and also owns an equestrian club. During the series, Daniel has an emotional relationship with Navid’s sister (Nazanin).